Fuel Retailers Association

Port delays dry up Durban fuel pumps

Congestion on Tuesday and Wednesday delayed trucks going to and coming from the port and the Fuel Retailers’ Association chief executive, Reggie Sibiya, said on Thursday that fuel reserves at a number of sites around Durban were running dry.

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FRA pushes for companies to pay goodwill

Johannesburg - The Fuel Retailers Association (FRA) wanted oil companies to pay their retailers goodwill when their contracts come to an end, FRA chief executive Reggie Sibiya said on Friday.

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Petrol, diesel in short supply

Johannesburg - The Fuel Retailers Association (FRA) has confirmed that there is a petrol shortage in Joburg and some parts of the country following a shutdown of a major Durban refinery for planned maintenance and further unforeseen disruptions at the SA Petroleum Refineries (Sapref).

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